martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Week 3. Pedagogical Objectives + Tools

First of all, my apologies for the late blog post this week.

I am going to select some general objectives for a possible class that everyone could plan to give a online lesson or course. They are taken like examples which have to be more concrete for each unit or topic we need to bring into the classroom. I will take an example of objective and I will add the suggestions about the tools we can use to work this objective.
  • Present the unit and the objectives for the unit in a personal learning environment using course management systems like:  or We have to decide and build a virtual environment where the student have to work. We have to give them all the tools and the needed indications to let them avoid the stress and frustration of feeling lost. Do not think everybody knows how a tool works and plan the way to give tutorials or manuals which explain about how to use the needed tools.
  • Recognize the main concepts of the topic: using for example presentations (example: prezzi, slideshare), mental maps  trying to show and discover together the main points.
  • Working the contents in small or big groups: The contents can be worked using the tools which are inside of a course management system like moddle or blackboard: foros, chats, presentations made using different services and programs which can be attached in different ways into the learning plataform. But it is really important to think about what tool is the best, how the student have to use it and also how we will use them to guide all the process. For this objective we can also use tools like:  Goolgedocs or wikis between others.
  • Assessment: for this part there are programs and services which allow us to make surveys, quizzes,  like: Hotpotatoes, mystudiyotricider. The assessment has to be plan in a whole context with different moments  so we have to look for tools which let us follow all the learning process in a very close way.
Some important points:
  • Focus in the activities: learning  by doing. To select a tool,  focus in the activities you want to do.
  • We have to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using a tool first. (What is necessary to know and to do to use it from us and from the students, the coherency with the goal or objective we need to get,  the privacity we need,...etc)
  • The tools we have to use should be varied but they have to be very clear for the students. We have to say what is  required from the beginning. It is very important the students understand what is expected from them in every moment. 
  • Maybe to avoid the issue of plagiarism it is necessary to focus more in the process of learning than in the final  work done by the students and look for tools which let us do that.

3 comentarios:

  1. I am very much enjoying reading your work as you think these things out. "To select a tool, focus in the activities you want to do" should be a mantra. And we do need to think about how students "present" their work, rather than using that word only for the teacher. Your idea about plagiarism is right on - the process is what teaches, not the punishment.

  2. Yes Llane the process is even most important in the virtual classroom than in the traditional one and about the mantra, Let practice the mantra then, we forget it and focus in other things sometimes more. :D

  3. I too learn by "doing". I feel like these many tools we have to check out, help us evaluate and determine what we might want to use in our online classes.