viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2012

Week2: Beginner's Questionnaire and and Getting Started Chart...

I did the Beginner's questionnaire and I had a punctuation between 9 and 11, because my choices are the following:

Interest in material:
2  Students should be given choices of how to learn the material.

I think is very important to be aware about the different ways to learn that our students have, so it is very important to let the student have different ways to approach to the subject we need to teach.

4  Large group discussions or debates are useful in class for covering content.
4  Small group discussions are useful in class for covering content.
4  Students need to be provided with extensive content, selected by the instructor.
2  The content in a class should be at least partially created by the students.

All my answers are about the work groups and the content. I think both are main points to take into account in the educational planning that a educator has to do prepare his or her classes.  I consider important that the instructor has to sow and guide in a path of knowledge to let the students know how to do and what is te purpose of all the work they are going to do, but it is also important to work it in groups, big and small groups, and make the students build the content specially in a online course where they can find and add information from differente resources through internet to clarify ideas for example.

3  Students should be active participants in creating their own knowledge.

In every learning experience I think the main actor is the student and he or she is the great builder of his or her learning so  he has to ve the creator and the most active part in the teaching and learning process.

2  Assessments are most important as a learning tool for students.

The assessments should be tools to let the students check their achievements and make them strong but also the assessments must be a tool for the teachers to let them check if their methods and targets are the correct.

Getting Started Chart:

  • How do I like to teach?

I like to provide to the students lectures but also to do workgroup in small and big groups and to do discussions. I think it is important to give variety and let the students approach tot he subject in different ways.

  • How do you want things organized?

I think the organization of the contents in general has to be clear for the student. It is necessary that the students can know everytime where they are and what is required to do by them. So a organization like syllabus would be great adding a specific organization for each topic or unit.

I am not a very beginner at Online Teaching but I want to know how to build a really good online course in both modalities: blended learning and totally online. I hope in the future get the option to work en e-learning which is the specializationthat I chose of my career.

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  1. I like your idea of "building content." I need to think about more ways to have my students do that.

  2. After you have the list of alternatives for an online degree program, try to investigate how useful these types of programs are for their previous learners. You may try to connect with some of the learners and teachers that you may also ask about how the online course goes and just how useful the programs have already been to the students. Read More for more info.