miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Week 6: Internet, HTML, RSS and embed

Internet, HTML, RSS and embed = ways to share, discover and be connected... 

I was trying to use several tags to write this post and practice HTML

Internet Skills Quiz:

I had:  83%, 10 points out of 12 and I would like to know how to see the old version of a web, could someone share the correct asnwer????  ^^


I used Google Reader to add the RSS of  Pedagogy First and all the blogs of friends and the one of my tutor. I started to use Google Reader more than 4 years ago and it is a really good way to have the information you want in only a page and in a easy organized way.


Well, my area is to help people to know how to use the new technologies and I was looking for an example of vide that I would use in some class to show the adventages of the use of it. I found this...  very simple and clear which explains what is E-learning in spanish.

Another video that I think is really good to think about education and new techologies, in this case in english is this one of Dr. David Wiley:

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