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8 Week: Communication Tools and Learning Environments

Hello all, I was really busy this last weeks and I could not do the excersises for the 8, 9 week on time, please excuse me, and here are my comments and experiences with the tools we explored in the 8th week:

This 8th week we learn more about communication and new technological tools to make it motivating and even fun!! (I don't know your age, but when I was a child these object that you can see in the picture was my awesome first walkie-talkie, it was a really incredible tool at my 5 years-eyes!!!! )

A synchronous Session: I could not join the activity you all did, or at least, a lot of you did with Lisa to live the experience of a live and synchronous session, but I hope I could do it in the future. I think in this kind of activities you can feel yourself more engaged and connected with the people in your same learning process in a online course. It is also a way you, as a tutor, can check who are coming, who are not and try to see the motivation of the whole group in the process. It is like a test about how is going all if you let the student take an active part in the synchronous session.

I was exploring Vyew. I used another similar tool before in another course about new technologies and education, we saw WizIq, dimdim. They are great tools to use but they have to be suitable with  the objectives we need to get.

Voice Thread: I did not know this powerful tool and I loved it. You can choose the way to make a comment: text, only voice or a video and you can make it fun and different to try to engage your students! This is fantastic!!

Google + Hangout: Again It was another new tool for me!! I did not know how this tool works and It was a great discovering for me!! I was participating in a hangout learning english and I enjoyed it a lot!! I also found this blog that I think it is very interesting: http://www.teachingwithoutwalls.com/
It was added to my Google Reader!! (practicing with the tools we learnt about... :D)

About the article wof Jonathan Moot I found several very interesting and importan points:

  • LMS = they are closed system that need to be open.
  • PLE = they are so open system that need to be secure.
  • OLN= it is a way to take the advantages of the both tools: LMS and PLE but need a lot of preparation from the teachers and this point of the way we are all, also to discover another ways to get a best way to create the perfect technological environment to let our students build knowledge, learn and share with the security and the necesary connection with the real world: an information, technological and global world.

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