lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Week 11. Copyright, Creativity and Accessibility Issues.

Wow!! This was the only one world I could say after starting to read the chapter 8.....
What is the character of the use?
What is the nature of the work to be used?
How much of the work are you going to use?
What effect would the use have in the market for the original work?
Different laws for different countries.... asking permissions.... 
and how to protect your work... 

That was a very good chapter but very hard too. We, the teachers, educators, etc we are not really aware about all this points which can make us to be against laws and our students then are less aware than us. Some of them create articles for classes and for even conferences using in a bad way the materials they found online. Some of them know they are copying but others don't know they are making a copy and they even think are making a proper work. I think it is really important to teach them how to use the online contents and how to build a good article or  essay if we are going to ask them to build something like that for our lessons and even more... In my opinion we have the duty to teach them in that kind of points.

A really good video of 
Lawrence Lessig, talking about the creativity and the copyright issues.In that video lawrence told us about the remix and  I found another one who talk about this topic in a very interesting way too: Could be the creativity only possible from the remix of several creative ideas?Watch this video of Kirby Ferguson: Here

About accessibility issues: it is one of the points very forgotten for a lot of  new content creators who are not experts in this kind of task to create contents online. it is really good to know about it and try to make the best to let everybody to access to our work in class.

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  1. I remember doing scrap book like reports when I was a kid using cut outs from magazines which drove my grandmother crazy when she went to read the magazine:-) Very different concept of "ownership" of content. Wonder what will happen to culture and society when everything is the "property" of some copyright owner?

    Great video. Since the apple was first used in the Bible I wonder what sort of lawsuit the church will bring on Steve Jobs?