jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012

Week 9: Virtual Worlds, Merlot and Diigo

Merlot: I went to look for in Merlot a helpful animation to use. I am actually helping people to speak spanish (my mother tongue) and the first result of my search in education resources was this: "Ojalá que llueva café" A perfect tool to teach the subjunctive, one of the most difficult tenses in spanish for a lot of people. That is a great way to teach it!! I was very surprised for this huge amount of resources we have in this webpage. Thanks a lot!!

Diigo: I discover first delicious and afther this network I was derivated to Diigo. They are really useful tools to share interesting links about different topics. I bookmarked Terri Anderson and Jon Dron's article and made make the highlights and sticked notes, taking a look at the notes of my coleagues.

Second Life: I was using second life since I finished a Master in E-learning in 2011. For me it was a really fantastic tool to learn and teach. I could have the experience to be a student and a teacher in this virtual world and I am still using it to learn and help others. Like the real world you can find all kind of experiences in second life, but if you are interested in learning something you can also do it  there!! There are a lot of different courses you can take in second life. One of the main points of this world is that it let you learn directly from the experience to touch, walk, fly, watch and interact with different objects in the different sims or places you can go.

I highly recommend you to visit places like the following where you could find different courses and resources to use:
If you want to learn english or another languagues you can visit: Virtlantis , Drive Through ESL, Cyrpis Chat, Arcachon, Edunation
If you want to learn how to build something in second life or how to use blender, photoshop, gimp and another designing tools you can visit:  Builders Brewery, Caledon, etc.
If you are intereste in the science, you can visit: The Abyss Observatory, Genoma Island, etc
If you want to visit with your students the most important historical monuments or places all around the world, you can!! Take a look at: Machu Pichu, Eiffel Tower, Sistine Chapel, The Statue of Liberty, etc
If you are interested in know more learning sims you can take a look to this list: http://secondlife.com/destinations/learning

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