viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013

Week 13: Creating Class Elements Part 1: Images and screenshots

The lecture this week was short and very useful it points out the benefits to use web2.0 services and the need to build contents easy to learn and easy to apply. KIS = keep it simple!! That is a key that we need to have present in every moment when we are designing our courseware. Very difficult to apply sometimes... very easy to forget...

Wow this week I learnt how to take screenshots with the snipping tool!!  Before I was always using the keyboard to take a screenshot of everything in my screen and after it I had to edit the picture to cut the parts I did not need and show those that I need to show... but with this tool you can select what part of your screen you want  and that's all!!  It is really good!! 

I have also learnt about the service of mbedr and I think it will be another tool that I will use a lot  from now on... I have worked with flickr in the past but not very much, however I feel now that I have lost time in other similar services with less options...

For the exercise using flickr and mbedr, I selected a picture about the Three Kings. In Spain on the 6th of January we celebrate the Three kings day and to greet all of you, wish you all the best in this new year and share something about Christmas in my country I thought to use the picture of the Three Kings with theirs names... 

reyes magos

 I really enjoyed the week tasks, thank you so much!!

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