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Week 16 Our Students Online

    An example of 10  FAQs:

    Requirements to access to this course (education level, age, etc)

    Technical requirements to acces to this course

    1.     Where do I start?
    For this class you will need to access the Internet by using a browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
    2.     How do I access my online class?
    Log in to the virtual classroom  using your student ID and password and look for the course you want to do. Look for the week we are on and start to open the agenda and the contents.
    3.     How do I get a hold of my instructor?
    During office hours (via Skype or Email, or using the forum you will see in each week available to ask dobuts about the contents or the course in general. 
    4. Where can I contact with my classmates?
    On the classroom you will see a general forum and a general chat where you can contact with your classmates. You can also use the area of "participants" that you will find on the right sidebar of the platform and contact them using the internal mail system of moodle.
    5.     Where can I find tutorials on familiarizing myself with the contents of this online course?
    Go to “Resources” on the main agenda you will find on the top of the virtual classroom in moodle.. You’ll notice various helpful links and the whole description of the course and the methods to use the different tools int he platform or in other services where during the course we are going to be working. 
    6.     Where can I find the assignments of this online course?
     There are two ways:
    a) Go to the agenda of the week and look for the assignments área there.
    b) Go to the area of the week in the virtual  classroom and open the task mailbox where you will find the whole description of the mandatory tasks.
    7. How is my participation in class evaluated in an online class?
    You must login at least once a week on the platform and participate in the activities listed each week.
     8.     How to get my certificate?
    You need to complete the 80% of the course to get your certificate. Visit the agenda to review the evaluation criteria of the course.

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