viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

Week 17: Classroom Management

     Classroom Management: “organizational and procedural measures that keep a class moving along” (page 301, Ko & Rossen, Chapter 11: Classroom Management and Facilitation)

    The classroom mamagement is a really hard work in which the communication is one of the most important point to work and take always in account and even more in a virtual classroom where the miscommunications could be really hard to avoid if we don't understand that we can not leave the things as if they were really well understood by our students.

    We need to remember the importance to do remainders of the more important tasks and deadlines is essential in an online course. We have to build a strategy of comunicating between the educators and the students and between the students, also between every expert with participation in the course. During the phase of desing we need to specially think about taking in account this point about the communication and the fact that we need to find the easiest way to comunicate quickly and efficiently with our students.

    We need to create a communicating strategy, set rules and procesures to work in groups and an individual way, to contact others participants and the differents experts and educators in the course and all of that has to be published in an area very accesible for our students.

    Oh!! NO!!! My computer is broken and I have lost the works!! 
    That is the most terrible thing that for educators and students can happen, but it can be solved using several system to keep safe the information: dropbox, googledocs, zoho, and others services on the cloud let you have a storage system without depending on a certain device as your laptop.

    In an online course the educators need to maintaine a presence close to the students to let them feel guided in the learning process and try to get the best of them. This precense has to be built trying to give feedback to every question in no more than 24 hours, being constantly encouraging the student to study or work in more than only the mandatory tasks, making them to think and explore by their own  about a topic and sharing their experiences in the forun with the big group of the classroom, giving a possitive and constructive feedback to the works presented by the students and all kind of ways we can imagine to make the presence be felt between our students.

    I would like to know more about the way each of you work these ideas, so ...... here I ask you...

    How do you desing your communication strategy in your online course?

    How do you get to be felt present and close to your students?

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