viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

Week 19: Web-Enhanced, Hybrid and Open Classes

 Ko & Rossen, Chapter 13: Teaching Web Enhanced and Blended Classes, to p. 371 (to heading “Tips for Teaching Blended Courses).

About the lecture of this Chapter I have to say that I feel very important the point to post every lecture after doing it on the platform where we are offering to the student the online course because it definetively will be really helpful for the students. Review all the material worked and also to have other kind of information for a deeper study can make the student will able to  know where they are in the learning process, where they have to be and what they have to do to get it or what they have to study more or review...

The guide of the tutor is essential and to have a online way to get the help from the instructor could be really helpful for the students.The guide of the tutor is essential and to have a online way to get the help from the instructor could be really helpful for the students.

R. Graham, J. Hilton, P. Rich, D. Wiley,Using Online Technologies to Extend a Classroom to Learners at a Distance. Distance Education, 31(1), p. 77-92, (2010).

I liked a lot this article and it let me understand the power of the lecture, writing and also the power of the colleages help to understand and learn better something. This study shows the very powerful way that is the use of Video-lectures and Audiovideo recordings to teach beacuse if we mix together several senses (sight, hearing and touch - writening-) we can get a best content assimilation.

George Siemen’s post on theory and MOOCs.

And in this article I learn more about MOOCs, I specially notice the creative thinking that is behind some MOOCs and the potential of using the networking to learn between peers. But in my experience doing MOOCs I have to say that some of them make the student feel lost, one thing is to have to learn by ourselves but another thing is to have to learn alone and only with peers that are as lost as us.... The methodology used in some MOOC is not the typical and if in the course are not very well explained what we have to do or to get.... the feeling of being lost can make lots of people give up due to the high stress and frustration felt trying to face alone a process to learn about something.

A MOOCs has to be really very well design to avoid this kind of loneliness and frustration in the learning process. It is like when you are alone between thousand of people in a really huge strange city.... and sometimes even the posters are in another language....

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