viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

Week 20: Introduction to Educational Technology and Instructional Design

Read: Ko & Rossen, Chapter 13: Teaching Web Enhanced and Blended Classes, pp. 371-end (blended courses).

As many of my classmates point out in this part of the book the most important point is to remember that we can not overlad our students with lots of activities face to face and lots of them too online, we have to find the way to stablish a balance and it is important that at the beginning of the course since everybody is doing the first approach to know how the virtual classroom works and how is going to be the course we don't give our students a lot of work to do. We have to value that to assimilate how the online part is going to be done and familiarize with the tools and the platform is already a work that takes time and effort from our students.

 Rick Schwier, History of Educational Technology (presentation 2010)

The way to mix the seven cardinal virtues and the seven deadly sins make me enjoy a lot. With this presentation we can see that the education has changed a lot from 20 years ago and with a really big steps each time. As the technolgydevelops as the education and educators has the need to adapt and add the developing devices and tools provided by the technological advances into the classroom.

 Jaron Lanier, Does the Digital Classroom Enfeeble the Mind (2010)
Maybe the way we use the technolgoy enfeeble the mind, but it depends of the use of the technology and not it is due to the technology per se. We live in a technological world, in a society of information and we can not put the technology away from our classrooms if we want to train people to face the real life, the daily life and give them the opportunity to get a good job, but we have to modify the traditionals methods of teaching to get train people able to think by themselves,  critical reasoning and decision making peaople. But it is very difficult.... and very easy only to copy-paste.... that is one of the goals today: face these kind of problems...

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